When I first met Marty, he had brought one of his basses into the music store where I am currently employed, Spotlight Music. I was instantly very intrigued by his work. Playing the bass was a pure joy.  Great tone, great feel, great bass!  There is something about a solid instrument, where you can feel the wood carry the sustain, and speak your voice on it, more than any you've played before.  Needless to say, I instantly struck up the conversation of getting my own Miller Signature Bass built by Marty.  We shot ideas back and forth, and he seemed to be able to work with any of the ideas that I had.  Marty was going to fly back home and build the bass, but he really loves to have his clients being involved in the building process.  Watching him work was amazing.  We became friends very quickly, and I got to be a part of one of the most amazing experiences of my life...watching my dream bass get built in front of my eyes...there won't be another like it in the world...  The construction of the bass was amazing to watch and be a part of.  Marty is an amazing wood worker, and an artist, and it shows.  The anticipation and excitement built as the bass came along...looking more and more amazing every day.  Then, ...I got to play it.  The tone and sustain that came from this instrument blew my mind! I was instantly playing things I had never played before, and hearing the true tones of the bass guitar ring out.  The JB Miller Signature Bass That I now own is the best instrument I have ever owned, and I'm sure that will hold true.  If you ever have wanted a custom bass or guitar, I urge you to at least contact Marty and talk with him about it, you will not regret it.

Jeff Bostic
Copyright 2010   millersignaturebasses.com

"When I had felt like I had reached a certain point in my development
as a musician, I knew I needed an instrument that was of top-notch
quality and craftsmanship.  After years of playing a variety of
different instruments, I felt that when playing the majority of
off-the-shelf basses, I found most of them both visually plain and
tonally lacking for my personal tastes.  I began to think about
getting a custom instrument, and came up with a unique overall design
of roughly what I thought I wanted.  I was at a gig one night talking
with friends, and one offered Marty's name as a solution.  After
contacting him, we sat down and worked together until the plans for a
truly beautiful instrument came forth.  What transpired over the
following months was nothing short of miraculous to me - this
beautiful idea became a reality.  Marty is incredibly talented,
skilled and knowledgeable and was patient around every turn.  He
consulted me on every detail, and not one square centimeter of the
bass was overlooked in any way.  The finished product is truly the
nicest bass I could ever hope to own.  Every detail of the overall
construction is flawless - the finish, the fit of the woods, the edges
and contours.  Plugged in, it sounds unreal; a tonal chameleon with
days of sustain that can become anyone from Jaco Pastorius to Les
Claypool to Marcus Miller with the flick of a switch or the twist of
knob.  Beyond the bass, Marty was one of the nicest, most
knowledgeable, easy-to-work-with people I've ever had the pleasure of
meeting.  Being able to watch every step of the building process was
one of the most amazing parts - there truly is nothing like seeing
your concept of your own perfect instrument brought to life in front
of you by master hands.  Forget Fodera, forget Ritter - Miller
Signature is where it's at."
Alex Scott
Miller Signature Bass Review on "YouTube"
by Alex Scott