Ethereal Flame
Copyright 2010
Ethereal Flame was started somewhere around 2003 and has a somewhat lengthy history. Eric, who is a very close friend of mine wanted to design and build a bass of his own. This bass was his first try at building one of his own. He ended up having to move away because of work and so the parts were left sitting in my shop for a little over a year. I ended up moving to Alaska for a few years and took along the materials and parts for a couple guitars that I had in mind to build. The parts for Ethereal Flame were among them. I wound up finishing the guitar and donated the bass to a church that was raising money for a trip. The bass was auctioned for an admirable $3,700.00 dollars, which supplied much needed funds for the trip.

Flame maple top and mahogany back with a 1/8" layer of purpleheart as an accent layer.

A five piece neck of maple, mahogany and purpleheart.

EMG active circuitry and pickups.

Oil finish and black hardware.

EF 1
EF 2