Fusión de Corazones
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This bass has somewhat of a unique history. The Cocobolo used for the top had been laying around my shop for almost 10 years. I had purchased it because it had an interesting grain pattern that I thought would make a nice project of some sort. I had no intentions for using it in a bass at the time. It was 2009 before I decided to build a bass with it. When I had finished it I chose to keep it for myself.


Cocobolo top with a mahogany core separated by layers of purpleheart and maple for the body with a maple back. The headstock also has laminations of maple and purpleheart. The neck has 10 laminations consisting of maple, mahogany, osage orange and brazilian rosewood. The Miller logo is ivory made from old piano keys. It is set in Gaboon ebony which comes from the same piece as the fingerboard. The bass is finished in tung oil.

Electronics are Bartolini which has active/passive on the volume knob with blend, treble and bass controls.