Kino Sangre
Copyright 2010
This bass was built in 2007 for a church in Anchorage, Alaska, which donated the guitar as a gift to a church in Burkina Faso, Africa. It is a fretless five string bass. The top is Bloodwood with a very thin maple laminate on top of a solid maple core. The neck consists of seven laminates of maple, purpleheart and mahogany. It has a wenge fretless fingerboard with fretlines of maple and position markers of bloodwood with a trim of white to accent them. The cross on the body is maple with a contrasting white outline. The emblem on the body is the logo of the Burkina church. It has jazz pickups with an active/passive setup and black hardware. As with all Miller basses, the logo is inlaid into the headstock.
Burkina Faso