This bass was built as a request by a friend who thought a fretless would be a nice addition to some of the music we were playing at the time. As it turned out, he just couldn't seem to grab the knack for playing a fretless like he thought he would. So it ended up being one of my favorite basses to play.

The bass features a unique body style which was my own design. I decided to build something a little different than what was normally seen. It has a solid body of alder with an Osage Orange top and matching headstock. The fretboard is Macassar ebony along with the scroll inlay around the knobs and between the tuners on the headstock. The fret lines and position markers are also made from Osage Orange. The name given to this bass, Maclura, because of it's yellow color, literally means "yellowwood tree". It has a five piece laminated neck which is made of maple, walnut and brazilian cherry. The pickups and electronics are Bartolini and the gold hardware is Schaller.
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