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Spalted Thunder was an interesting project to say the least. Andrew came to me through a friend of mine I had built a bass for about a year prior. Andrew had specific design ideas in mind and we worked together to make sure that he was happy throughout the building process. Over the next few weeks and many design tweaks later, we finally were able to settle on a design we both thought would give the look and hopefully the sound he was trying to achieve. The sound that we were attaining to accomplish was an acoustic upright. The hours put into Spalted Thunder has proven to be very satisfactory, not only to the eyes but also to the ear. As it turns out, in the end, Andrew was very pleased with not only the looks but also the sound of the instrument. The acoustic sound we were trying for has proven itself in the end. The combination of many qualities has given this instrument  a unique depth of character.

3/4 scale upright

Body is spalted maple top, alder body with hard maple back laminate with contrasting purpleheart stripes.

Neck is a five piece lamination of hard maple, purpleheart and lyptus.

Bartolini pickups with active/passive electronics.

Oil finish
Spalted Thunder
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