Split Decision
The idea for this bass came to me just as I finished "Leap of Faith". Jeff Bostic who has been a good friend of mine is the owner of the prior mentioned bass. He saw this bass in the start and decided he wanted it for his second Miller bass.

This bass has a few unique features. First off is the green top/side LED position  markers. They are set into the neck so that they are able to be seen from the front and side as can be seen in the pictures. At the 12th fret there is an eagle with Jeff's initials. There are LED's that light his initials also but they cannot be seen when the lights are off. The top and matching headstock are a combination of maple and wenge. The back is maple with a matching wood electronics cover. It is cut from the same piece as the back before it is glued to the core. This keeps the grain consistent throughout the entire back piece. The center part of the body is made of alder. The neck is made from maple and purpleheart laminations. The finish is tung oil.

Hardware is Hipshot and pickups and electronics are Bartolini.
Copyright 2010
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