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Miller Signature Basses began in May of 2001 as a hobby of repair and tech work on electric guitars and basses. I am a bass player myself and I drifted more into working with basses than six string guitars. I was unable to find anything on the market that suited my taste for quality and style so I decided to build an instrument that would be my own design and would give me the sound and look that I wanted. I still have that first bass to this day.

Of course, as things normally go, I found ways of improving details as time progressed through each instrument that I built. There are no “computer built instruments that come off of an assembly line”. Every wooden part is custom made in the shop by hand and selectively chosen from a variety of exotic woods. Bodies, necks, fret boards and any inlays are all done by hand. Each instrument is completely hand-crafted from beginning to end.

I encourage any interested party to stop by or to call. If you have any questions concerning the building of a new bass or just the repair of an old one please feel free to contact me.
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