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My Services
I work personally with each client whom I build an instrument for from start to finish, and communication is the key to overall customer satisfaction. By giving the individual a sense of being a part of the building process I avoid misunderstandings which attributes to my customerís overall satisfaction upon completion.

Careful attention to personal detail and genuine hand-crafted construction are necessary elements to create an instrument that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. I encourage anyone who is seriously considering the purchase of a fine instrument built with quality workmanship to call and make an appointment to stop by and see the difference for themselves.

Purchasing a Miller Signature Bass is an investment for yourself as well as future generations.
Custom Made Wooden Knobs
Knobs are made from a variety of wood species and will be built to the specifications of the clients request.

I will build solid wooden knobs from a single wood species to designs with different wood combinations and inlays (some limitations do apply).

Please feel free to contact me in regards to pricing and any questions or concerns you may have about the products or services that I offer.
   LED's are now offered in several different colors on any newly built bass                    upon request.
This picture shows the LED's right after installation.
This is a picture of the bass right before installation of the strings.
Picture of completed bass.
Top/Side LED Position markers. These are very bright LED's They can be seen easily from not only the front but from the players perspective also as can be seen in the first picture.